The Original Sweat Buster

Sweat Buster Basic installation

Mod Kit 1 - For Foam Pads

If you need to cut some of your existing foam pad watch this video for tips on the best way to do this.

Mod Kit 2 - For Harness Fitted Head Gear.
Hard Hats, Welding Helmets & Face Shields

The double sided Velcro loops can wrap around your existing harness padding if its thin enough or you can remove any existing padding. Try with the padding first.

Place Velcro loops in the 9 - 3 o'clock range with one centered. Be sure Sweat Buster attaches on all 3 loops.

Be sure the HOOK SIDE (not soft) of the Velcro loop IS ON THE EXPOSED side.

Wrap the Velcro around the harness so it attaches on the opposite side of the harness.

Be sure Velcro overlaps the full width of harness for a solid tight connection.

Trim as needed.

Install Sweat Buster.

Adjust as needed.
universal fit for most all bike helmets
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