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TF Braking offers two compounds, Crusher and Stomper.  Both high performance compounds are ceramic based semi-metallic and share the same benefits with slight differences.  Tune your braking system to your personal preference or as conditions demand.  Obtain benefits of both sintered metallic and organic pads without the draw backs of noisy braking, heat fade, spongy lever and excessive wear. 

Crusher Compound 

Big Power - No Heat Fade - Long Life - Quiet Wet or Dry


Specifically formulated for Big Power, Excellent Control and Long Life while staying fade resistant and quiet in wet or dry conditions.

For aggressive riders seeking better fade resistance, powerful speed shutdowns while retaining excellent pad life and remaining quiet.

A perfect compound for riders dropping long demanding descents.  If you’re a heavier weight rider or on e-bike and going through pads quickly these are definitely for you.

Stomper Compound 

Smooth Power - Excellent Modulation - Quiet Wet or Dry


Specifically formulated for precise modulation, excellent lever feel, power and durability while staying extremely quiet in wet or dry conditions.  For the aggressive riders looking for a bit more lever feel while still retaining excellent heat fade management and good pad life. 

Mix or match compounds front and rear.

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Trax Factory was built on designing products to improve the cycling and outdoor adventure experience.  Our teams 30+ years of cycling immersion definitely lead us to seek out a better performance brake pad.  Brake systems have come a long way but the pad compounds were still lacking in a big way.  Sintered metallic offered good power at the expense of noise, high rotor wear and excess heat transfer to fluid.  Organic pads provided quieter braking but prone to heat fade on long descents, easily glazed and wore out quickly.  After several years of testing we have landed on our dream brake pad compounds.

Before putting the Trax Factory name on a product we had to be sure the item is of premium quality and a true performance game changer.   We have tested these brake pad compounds through extreme conditions wet and dry and are extremely impressed with the performance they provide for all out race conditions, park days or just having fun at your local trails.   The additives in these compounds are well proven in the racing world of auto, motorcycle and cycling.  No secret code names or ingredients from space, simply industry proven raw materials in the perfect combination that provide the performance we were looking for.

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