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Do helmet pads just kinda suck.. or am I doing something wrong.

This is the subject from a recent post in the Apparel and Protection forum that of course grabbed my attention. I would say while helmet padding has improved slightly over the years, they generally still do suck. I agree that the majority of development should be in safety, but padding and comfort is still low on the totem pole. Helmet padding is cookie cutter stamped out of foam with a perforated fabric glued to it. Some anti-microbial chemical is on the fabric that is essentially useless after a few good sweats or wash. De-lamination, compaction and totally inadequate sweat absorption is the norm. Why suffer?!

These are the exact reasons I developed the Sweat Buster®. Simply cut out that pos brow pad, use our supplied velcro to secure the OEM pad and insert the Sweat Buster. Problem solved. You now have premium sweat absorption and comfort like your never felt. Removed in a flash for washing or a refresh in a nice cool stream.

I love the response from MTBR forum member Chicane32, "The front pad is meant to be cut out and a sweat buster installed."

We couldn't agree more.


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