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Hot Sockee - Thermal Neoprene Toe Warmers


These 1.5mm thermal neoprene toe warmers are designed to go over your favorite sock and inside your shoe.  Thin enough for a comfortable fit and thick enough to provide that extra layer of insulation to get you through the coldest and wet-est days.  All the insulation benefits over your toes where you need the heat, without leaving your foot soggy like a full neoprene sock.

  • thin enough for comfort, thick enough to insulate
  • stays in place inside your shoe, unlike shoe covers come off easily
  • flat pedal compatible; shoe covers do not work with flats
  • neoprene, superior insulation
  • insulation between foot and cleat for extreme cold climates, brrrr
  • benefits of a full neoprene sock without the soggy foot
  • great for fall and spring when you are still using a vented shoes
  • one size fits all does not work with feet, we have 3 sizes available, see our fit guide.
  • also used for ice baths

You do need a slight amount of wiggle room in your shoe for proper fit, about the same as a thicker wool sock.


Refer to fit chart for sizing.